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Login possible only with root

Hi all, sorry if I reported a discussion from the admin mailing list
but I realy need help.
I have a debian-edu installation with the profile main, ltsp and work
station on the same machine. It take a bit time for boot but is

I created the account "student1" with LWAT to test a login on a thin
client but it doesn't work: insted of load kde it goes back to the
login screen.
The "funny" thing is that, with root, the login works!
I also tried to log on the local machine (kdm) with the "student1"
user with the same resault.

I watched the /var/log/auth.log:

Aug 26 03:32:08 tjener sshd[17072]: (pam_unix) authentication failure;
logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=ssh ruser= rhost=ltsp252.intern
Aug 26 03:32:08 tjener sshd[17072]: Accepted password for student1
from port 4692 ssh2
Aug 26 03:32:08 tjener sshd[17074]: (pam_unix) session opened for user
student1 by (uid=0)

It semms to accept the the password and to open a session but...it
realy doesn't.

Any Idea ?
Wich ather log file can I look at for report more usefull informations?

Thank you.

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