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Re: Login possible only with root

[Finn-Arne Johansen]
> The reason for this is that lwat is actually running as www-data,
> who doesn't have the permissions to create a homedirectory for the
> user.  lwat could of course assume that the password you gave also
> is the root-password, and try to create the users homedirectory. But
> maybe lwat is not even running on the same machine as the
> fileserver, and maybe the fileserver is not allowing
> ssh-access. That is why it's set up as a cron-job.

An alternative is to implement some notification system from the
www-data process to a process with the privileges required to create
home directories.  For localhost messages a unix socket could be used,
and for remote host connections either IP or some proxy could be used.
Not sure if such system exist already, or if a new protocol would have
to be specified for this.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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