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Re: possible update exceptions for stable archive? (rules)

> And do not forget to mention the old and new version in the mail + the
> whole debdiff. In the meanwhile, you of course have to upload the new
> version to etch-test .
> These are my personal two cents. The rest of the ftpmasters might see that
> different and we would have to re-enter discussion.
Just to clarify again, the changes should be as minimal as possible (therefore 
the debdiff should not be too big).
Uploads go to etch-test first and then in via sync (only security uploads go 
into etch directly) following the rules above, i reckon.

They make it onto the CDs/DVD via the next point release.

The danger with that is always that we mess up our "stable" pool, so we have 
to work on this with caution.

(Thought mentioning that was important)


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