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possible update exceptions for stable archive?

Hello fellowers!

white and I discussed today in IRC if it would make sense to allow some 
package updates in stable for an special set of packages. 
The advantages would be: 
 - if there are some really major upstream updates to some packages the 
users would benefit from this (for example added more functions to lwat)
 - even minor bugs in packages can be easily closed. 

If a package should be one of these special set should be discussed for 
every single package. 

But there are of course also disadvantages if we allow to move some 
packages to stable:
 - this would make the integration of debian-edu into debian harder, since 
we can't upload there special packages to stable.
 - we can introduce new bugs with new upstream versions which weren't there 

Okay, what do you think of this proposal? I hope to get some comments ;-)


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