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summary from the irc meeting 2007-08-13

Beginning of the meeting: 2007-09-13, 18:00 UTC (20:00 CEST)
Attendees: Ronny Aasen, Patrick Winnertz, Daniel Hess,
           Morten Werner Olsen, Petter Reinholdtsen and
	   klaus ade johnstad

 1. Who can write the summary?
    As only four out of the attendees where online at the beginning of
    the meeting nobody volunteered to write the summary as the log would
    have been sufficient short.
    It turned out different, ...
 2. Status of press coverage
    Patrick reports about the German press coverage. The German
    announcement published on some Websites mentions Cipux but not LWAT
    as a new alternative administration tool.
 3. Preparing for release 3.0r1
    Patrick reports that there are some patches for slbackup-php and
    LWAT. As they would improve the softwares usability, it would be good
    to include the updated packages.
    Patrick also reports about a installation on amd64. While hitting
    enter at the boot-prompt would choose the right architecture (i386
    vs. amd64) entering special options like 'debian-edu-expert' would
    always boot the i386 installer. As this is not a directly a bug and
    handled the same way in Debian Etch, the documentation will be
    updated to point to the correct boot options (e.g. 'amd64-expertgui'
    as replacement for 'expertgui').
    Petter wants to include the livecd which was created after the r0
    To track the things needed for the r1 release the existing Wikipage
    at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Status/Etch should be updated and
    Petters E-Mail to debian-edu@lists.debian.org about r1 should be
    merged there. But nobody volunteered here to do that.
 4. Core Team should sign up for NM (become DD)
    The currently active team consists only partly of Debian Developers.
    As more and more of Debian-Edu/Skolelinux gets into the official
    Debian archive it would be good to have more official DDs. So all
    contributers who are currently not either DD or in the New Maintainer
    process should consider signing up for NM to get DDs.
 5. debian-edu-doc - include .txt versions if possible? or not?
    It has been suggested to include a plaintext version of the official
    documentation within the debian-edu-doc package. As the package
    already contains a PDF and a HTML version (which could be dumped to
    plaintext with lynx or similar programms) an plaintext version is
    currently not considered necessary and would only represent the same
    information in a third format.
 6. version number and code name for the next release
    The updated r1 release of Terra does not need a new version number or
    code name and the lenny version has still some time to go. So no
    decision where made on this point. (This could/should be a point for
    a later meeting)
 7. developing a development strategy for lenny
    As we where short of time this point was not much talked about
    either. It was suggested to work on this at the proposed Meeting in
    Extremadura (or at a later irc meeting).

    At the end of the meeting the end of this month or the beginning of
    the next month was set as the rough release date for r1 (if the
    documentation is in a suitable condition).
 8. Extremadura 2007
    Patrick has talked with stockholm (Andreas Schuldei) about getting
    debian-edu into an Extremadura session. As there are already as much
    teams as slots signed up, we would need to join an other team.
    Currently it looks like a good idea to join the CDD team. Patrick
    will get more information about the timeslot we may get into until
    the end of the week and then send a mail with the new informations to
 9. exceptions for some packages to move to stable?
    There are some fixed packages and updates of modified packages which
    patches are now in unstable that should go to the stable release.
    Furthermore the updated documentation and artwork should be included
    in r1.
    It was discussed what could be the best way to get packages moved
    while not introducing new bugs. It was decided to send an E-Mail for
    every packages that should be updated to debian-edu@lists.debian.org
    with a summary about the changes and why it should go. To make it
    more visible a fixed subject like
    ':Stable update proposal: packagename' should be used. Other
    users/developers who are already using the package than could
    follow-up with their experience so this information could be used to
    decide if an updated package should be moved.

10. Next meeting?
    The next meeting is on Thursday the 23th august at 18:00 UTC (20:00

End of the meeting: 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST)

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