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Re: possible update exceptions for stable archive? (rules)


On Tue, 14 Aug 2007 02:31:56 am Patrick Winnertz wrote:
> Hello fellowers!
> white and I discussed today in IRC if it would make sense to allow some
> package updates in stable for an special set of packages.
> The advantages would be:
>  - if there are some really major upstream updates to some packages the
> users would benefit from this (for example added more functions to lwat)
>  - even minor bugs in packages can be easily closed.
Ok, I understand the need of this, but we need to handle it with caution.
I would be fine with the following thing:
(remember we are always talking about non-security fixes)

1. stable does not get updated

2. Write an email to debian-edu@l.d.o. including the old package version, a 
full debdiff (so that everyone can look at the patch) and ask for inclusion.

3. The package will not be touched for 3 days.

4. If no problem arises and an ftpmaster agrees, the new package version goes 
in. This is IMHO useful as long as we are working on r1 and becomes a bit 
less useful, when we work on something lenny based.

As mentioned in the meeting, please use fixed subjects, such as:
Subject: New stable version for package: $packagename

Please also cc the email to ftpmaster@skolelinux.org 

And do not forget to mention the old and new version in the mail + the whole 
debdiff. In the meanwhile, you of course have to upload the new version to 
etch-test .

These are my personal two cents. The rest of the ftpmasters might see that 
different and we would have to re-enter discussion.


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