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Re: japanese

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
[Holger Levsen]
I'd imagine that this is not issue, why would you want to work as
root in japanese? Or am I missing something?

Well, why would you want to work as root in english or german?  I
assume the same apply there. :)

I would for example assume a root user want to be able to edit
documents or insert fields with japanese text when doing sysadmin
work, if the text need to be japanese. :)
I'm talking about when a fresh tjener is installed, then root is the only user created and therefore can't log in as anyone else. At that login screen (kdm on the physical machine tjener) there is no language option, so everything is in English and there's no scim applet.

Perhaps I'm doing this wrong, but I still log in to tjener as root to do admin.

The japanese government has a trial linux project running in schools, based on Knoppix customised at one of the universities. I think it will be difficult to compete with such a home grown effort, but on the other hand, I'm not sure if they have a central server such as tjener. If not, then that could be a good ooportunity. I didn't get any response when I last tried to contact people, but I'll try again with the new 3.0 release.


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