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I used japanese as install language on tjener combi server. Everything proceeds in Japanese. Upon first reboot, everything is back to English, and there's no language choice on kdm. So root logs into English, and creates a user. (Root has no SCIM applet.)

On a thin client, that user can choose Japanese from the login prompt, but still gets an English desktop/menu. However, the japanese SCIM applet is loaded and works.


Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
[Nigel Barker]
How do I test the japanese profile? I'm not sure what that means. Do
you mean choosing japanese as install language for tjener, or
setting up a user to be able to type japanese?

Just choose japanese as the install language.  It should take care of
the rest, I hope, but you will be the first to test it, so I do not
expect it to work. :)

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