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Re: Artwork

[James Herrington]
> Hi,
> Here are the latest version of my artwork:
> http://james.isafreelancer.com/debian/DVD.jpg
> http://james.isafreelancer.com/debian/DVD.psd
> http://james.isafreelancer.com/debian/DVD1.jpg
> http://james.isafreelancer.com/debian/DVD1.psd

Thank you.  I've commited those to the -artwork subversion repository.

> Someone mentioned making an A3 poster. What exactly would you want
> to include on the poster??? If someone gives me some ideas of what
> the poster is for I'll have a go at making one, although I'm kinda
> busy at the moment.

I guess it was my idea.  I have no real advice on what to put on it,
but thought something that we could put on the wall at events to give
people an urge to test skolelinux would be nice.

Perhaps the content on
can provide some ideas?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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