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Re: removable packages.

I suppose I was a bit surprised that some less famous editors were defaulting over the ubiquitous vi. But you guys know best. Like you say, anyone can install anything they like later. Thanks for all your hard work.


Knut Yrvin wrote:
On Thursday 12. July 2007 14:12, nigel barker wrote:
I'd like to add a vote for vim. As very low power admin I use it all the
time, locally and over ssh. Its the one I learned when studying for LPI
cert, and I imagine there must be a lot of others like me.

I've heard reports from a Taiwanese Linux User Groups trying to learn new beginners Apache configuration on Linux. First they start editing files with gedit. That worked. Then they suddenly switching to vi. Instead of learning Apache things, they got their hand full with new commands in vi. The new users lost track of Apache ...

A lot of schools has installed Skolelinux as a one school only solution, maintained by only one person - most likely the science teacher. They are most familiar with Windows. They got a job as a maintainers because they helped their headmasters finding a lost file on his or here Windows box. This science teachers are really uncertain when it comes to the command line. They will probably switch to Windows if we introduces them to vi. Thats why I got objection against getting vi or even emacs in. And my preference is emacs, so that should be included too. But from my experiences with schools I don't think they needs this tools. And If I need emacs it's an aptget away. Else I just use pico for simple editing. On the other side, I really want Skolelinux to expand into universities, colleges and secondary schools when they got courses in Linux and programming. Making developer tools and open courseware "out of the box" for this groups. Some schools already uses Skolelinux to teach network and other "LPI" stuff. The reason is that they get a fully functional network out of the box, and easilly can start adjustments and additions to something that works, instead of using 3-4 weeks to get RedHat up and running. So my 2 cents for this realease is to fucuse on pupils and teachers not interested in LPI cert. People interested in LPI should just do an aptitude install <list of LPI packages>. A teacher don't know this things initially. Best regards
Knut Yrvin

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