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Re: removable packages.

I'd like to add a vote for vim. As very low power admin I use it all the time, locally and over ssh. Its the one I learned when studying for LPI cert, and I imagine there must be a lot of others like me.


Maximilian Wilhelm wrote:
Am Thursday, den 12 July hub Petter Reinholdtsen folgendes in die Tasten:

[Maximilian Wilhelm]
Is there any useable command line editor provided if neither vim nor
emacs are there (allthough I would not call the latter one useable)?

I have no idea what you call usable, but I am aware that nvi and nano
is installed by default.

OK in this case I would vote for including a real $EDITOR as vim
which users and admins would appreciate I think.
(Ok the admin could install it, but the user can´t)

Personal the first thing I do on a system I installed or should admin
is apt-get install vim as the tiny versions are not really usefull and

So for my taste this is a step into the direction away from

Just my 0,02 EUR


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