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Re: removable packages.

[Maximilian Wilhelm]
> OK in this case I would vote for including a real $EDITOR as vim
> which users and admins would appreciate I think.  (Ok the admin
> could install it, but the user can´t)

Your use of 'usable' and 'real' in this thread only provide this
reader with information about you, and very little information about
the relative merit of editors.  I am just mentioning this, in case you
wanted to express something about editors and not something about

> Personal the first thing I do on a system I installed or should admin
> is apt-get install vim as the tiny versions are not really usefull and
> handy.

And I would have to install emacs21.  And yes, it is not very nice for
emacs and vim users.

But neither of us are in the target group, so I believe the reduced
number of options in the menues and resulting reduction in cognitive
stress outweight the disadvantage for advanced users like you and me.

We had the discussion on vim and emacs21 a year or two ago, when we
decided to throw out both to save space on the CD, and I would be
surprised if any new arguments would come up if you decide to revisit
the discussion.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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