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Re: Possibility to add gwenview, krita, kdict, and enable Java in browsers?

[Knut Yrvin]
> I took a brief look at the new menues in Skolelinux. Several menues are 
> improved. Espesially educational and graphical stuff. Also the 
> additional games are good. 

Good to hear.

> * I got some additional suggestions: 

It is getting late for these kind of last time changes.  Not sure if
we can fix and test them all im time.

> Imageviewer and simplified image editor: I suggest that we add a simple 
> image viewer in additional to the built in one in konqueror file 
> browser. Krita is also a good image editor simpler than Gimp. I sugest 
> that for kids in lower grades. 

I add both gwenview and krita as suggest for now, to get it on the
DVD, at least.  We already install digikam, which is good for handling
digital camera images.

> Simulation: I know that etoys with squeak is popular and has some 
> license restrictions. 

There is no package in Debian for this.

> Integrated dictionary which gives suggestions, not error messages: We 
> could consider including kdict that also goot a nifty toolbar search 
> option instead of, or in addition to gnome-dictionary. kdict gives 
> suggestions of words from different dictionary sources where 
> gnome-dictornary gives an error message.

kdict is already installed by default.

> Java does not work in Iceweasel or konqueror ...

Java was dropped from the default installation because of the nasty
lisence question presented during installation, and dropped from the
DVD because of bug #1138.

> music: Amarok is just a killer apps when it comes to mp3 music. We 
> should put it in. 

Added as suggest.

> some games best left out: I don't know why we should include
> blackjack card game in the games menue. What would parens say if we
> promote "money" games in primary schools?

Which package are you talking about?  We add a lot of games, and none
of them seem to be called blackjack.

When that is said, I must admit I believe your argument is flawed.
Any game can be used as a money game, and if we should remove games
based on that criteria, we would have no games left.  Also if we are
to remove everything some parents might protest on, am I sure we would
be completely without programs.  After all, Debian is full of daemons
and any extremist would find something to object to in any program.  I
am sure christian fundamentalist will protest on everything related to
singing, dansing and frivolient behaviour.  If we are to remove
packages and games, I believe it should be because _we_ find them
unsuitable for our target audience, not because someone might not like

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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