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Only one RC bug left, need help (Was: summary from the irc meeting 2007-07-09)

[Daniel Hess]
>        The two bugs about diskless workstations (#1180 and #1210) are
>        still open. To solve this bug access to at least two system is
>        needed. One suggestion is to try to test it with qemu, but
>        volunteers with suitable hardware are needed and welcome. 

There is now only one P2 bug left to fix before the release.  This is
the bug about usb stick hotplugging failing to work on diskless
workstations.  I lack the machines to test this, but am very willing
to help.  We need someone with two machines, one for the server and
one for the thin client / diskless workstation.

Anyone have any idea why usb sticks do not work on diskless
workstations?  One idea is that /media/ is read-only.  The workaround
is to tell LTSP to make it writable.  Another is that ltspfs is
confusing udev, and blocking the mount of usb sticks.  Not quite sure
how that could be.  A third is that the installation of usbmount might
interfer with the hal/udev stuff.  Not quite sure how that could be

So, if anyone are able to test and propose a fix for this issue, I
would be most grateful.  If we manage to fix it today, we can release
rc5 with no RC bugs included, and do the final testing on this one
before we release.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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