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Re: Education metapackages reorganization

[José L. Redrejo Rodríguez]
> So, yes, I think they all be dependency in those profiles.

OK.  I have nothing against it, but to do that we need to increase the
partition sizes for at least /usr/.

I suggest implementing this change by adding this to the standalone

  Recommends:  education-astronomy, education-chemistry, \
               education-electronics, education-geography, \
               education-graphics, education-language, \
               education-logic-games, education-mathematics, \
               education-music, education-physics, education-misc
  Why:         Include all educational tasks proposed by Linex.
  Responsible: Petter Reinholdtsen
  NeedConfig:  No

In time, it might make sense to move packages from the standalone task
and into these individual tasks.

Adding this will increase the workstation, standalone and
thin-client-server profiles with these packages:

  aspell atomix audacity blinken cgoban chemtool childsplay denemo
  dia-gnome dict drgeo easychem freebirth gchempaint gdis geg geomview
  ghemical gnome-games gnome-utils gnugo gnuplot gpredict gpsim
  gpsim-logic grace graphmonkey graphthing gtans gtick hydrogen i2e
  kanagram kbruch keduca kguitar khangman kicad kicad-doc-de
  kicad-doc-en kicad-doc-es kicad-doc-fr kig klatin klettres
  kpercentage ksimus ksimus-boolean ksimus-datarecorder
  ksimus-floatingpoint ksokoban kverbos kvoctrain lingot lmemory
  mathwar noteedit octave octaviz oregano partlibrary planets pymol
  qcad qucs rosegarden score-reading-trainer scribus-ng solfege
  ssystem starplot stellarium sweep terminatorx tilp trans-de-en
  tuxtype viewmol vym wordnet wordtrans-data wordtrans-kde wxmaxima
  xabacus xboard xdrawchem xjig xmms xpaint xplanet xplanet-images

Do we already have equivalent kde packages installed for some of these
program types?  I suspect we want to avoid having too many
alternatives filling the same need.

I have no idea yet how much disk space they require, but suspect it is
enough to fill the current partition sizes.  This mean we need to
increase the partition sizes first.

Any objections to my plan to add these packages to the default

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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