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Re: Education metapackages reorganization

El mié, 04-07-2007 a las 21:15 +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen escribió:
> [José L. Redrejo Rodríguez]
> > Please, take a look to the attached document. All the feedback,
> > specially from teachers, is really welcome.
> Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on the package list.
> It took a while before I could have a look at the document, as it is a
> but extra work to get access to non-text (as in binary file format)
> documents the way I organise my email.  Sorry about that.
> I had a look at the list, and as I am not a teacher, I have no opinion
> on which of the packages are useful for schools.  I trust you to know
> better than me. :)
> Btw, I believe it is important for us to avoid having to spend time at
> the moment evaluating individual licences to not include any non-free
> packages as depends or recommends.  I'm not sure if you used that as a
> criteria when you suggested packages to include.

I only include some non-free packages in the suggests part. I avoid
including any non-free in recommends or Depends. Anyway I've tried to
reduce the non-free packages to the minimum the teachers already know:
flasplugin-nonfree, eagle and google-earth

> > As I wanted to send this information a.s.a.p. I have only studied
> > the most "educative" metapackages, so I haven't touched yet the
> > workstation, kde-desktop, etc. metapackages. That's why they have a
> > grey background in the document.
> Note that the workstation and standalone tasks are the ones installed
> by default on desktops in Debian Edu.  The other tasks are not
> installed by default, and was inherited from the original Debian Edu
> project.  But I did have a look at the packages you listed as depends
> in the tasks, and found a few gold nuggets I wasn't aware of.

Yes, I know it

> Now we need to decide which of these should be listed as depends or
> recommends in the standalone task, to get them installed by default in
> the workstation and standalone profile in Debian Edu.  Which of the
> packages do you suggest?  All of the depends?

I think nowadays, with current hard disk sizes, they all can be
included. Not including them makes debian-edu very similar to a standard
Debian installation in those profiles. In my opinion, Debian-edu should
look more "educative" in those profiles. Obviously if you are a
non-electronic teacher, electronic packages can be useless, but most of
the packages will be useful for the students at different stages of
their school years. It's just a question of a little more time
So, yes, I think they all be dependency in those profiles.

> Btw, I noticed you did not list any packages as recommends.  It might
> be an idea to sort packages in three groups, depends for core
> packages, recommends for packages to install if available, and
> suggests for the packages that are nice to have.  In Debian Edu, the
> depends and recommeds are installed by default, but most of the
> recommended packages do not fit on the CD and is only included on the
> DVD.

Yes, it was a question of time. I wanted to include some of the fixes
and modifications in etch version, and that was faster for me. You can
also see I didn't modify the common, desktop-* (except gnome to fix a
bug), etc. They could interfere with the dvd/cd iso creation and I
wanted to avoid that at this stage of the release.

For lenny I would like to do many more changes, including the menu
changes to make easy for the teachers finding applications related to
their subjects. Obviously any help, comments and arguments are welcome.

José L.

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