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stop adding features (Re: Education metapackages reorganization)


On Thursday 05 July 2007 11:00, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> I have no idea yet how much disk space they require, but suspect it is
> enough to fill the current partition sizes.  This mean we need to
> increase the partition sizes first.
> Any objections to my plan to add these packages to the default
> installation?

<h01ger> pere, "Any objections to my plan to add these packages to the default 
installation?" - no hard objections, but IMHO we should really stop make last 
minute changes which involve changing partition sizes etc. pp. - this really 
needs more testing IMO. that said, i'm fine with the packages, as i want 
linex in as much as possible..
<pere> h01ger: well, I agree.  but no-one has done much work on the packages, 
so I see this as a way to make sure useful packages are included on the 
<h01ger> i agree on that as well

I just want to have it documented here, that we agree on not (anymore) making 
any "small" changes with might have high impact (change partition sizes, 
document changed minimum requirements, test every profile) - the above should 
be the last one. 

We want to release! We want to release! We want to release!! :-) 

So from now on it should be bugfixes (of bugs that are in our bugzilla or the 
BTS) only. Lenny will be released next year!


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