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debian-edu-doc package - let's bring the documentation in shape for etch!


I started to work on the debian-edu-doc package today, with the intention to 
upload it to our archive *real soon now*, as I believe more people will be 
working on the documentation, once they can easily access it.

I know it's partly outdated, but I believe we can fix this on the way. In 
fact, I think it's easier to fix this, once many people have access to it, by 
simply apt-get installing it.

Then I looked at debian/copyright and noticed the file is wrong: it's states 
the licence of the documentation (good, it's GPL) but it doesnt say who holds 
the copyright. Which is needed, otherwise we cannot publish the documentation 
legally (and upload it to our archive and/or Debians).

So I asked on IRC and got the following replies:

<pere> h01ger: I wrote the architecture.

$svn/src/debian-edu-doc/documentation$ ls architecture/
arkitektur.da.pdf  arkitektur.en.pdf  arkitektur.nl.pdf     brannmur_virus.txt   
network-arch_en.pdf  network-arch.pdf
arkitektur.de.pdf  arkitektur.nb.pdf  arkitektur.pt_BR.pdf  
network-arch_da.pdf  network-arch_nl.pdf

Petter, where can I get the source for the arkitektur*.pdf files? The 
network-arch*.pdf files are just an image, though that image is made with dia 
and I would prefer to put the source file in the package, too. 

And, I think brannmur_virus.txt can be deleted, correct?

Klausade also replied:

<klausade> h01ger: what stuff? i wrote newdriftbook
<klausade> debian-edu-doc/documentation/drift/driftbok.sgml is «mine», but 
it's outdated and should be deleted.
<klausade> debian-edu-doc/documentation/drift/images/ is also «mine», should 
be deleted.

$svn/src/debian-edu-doc/documentation/drift$ ls
driftbok.sgml    IKT-bok.html.de  images/          netgroups.sgml   
IKT-bok.html     IKT-bok.html.nl  install.html     

I deleted driftbook.sgml and netgroups.sgml is included by driftbook.sgml, and 
the image dir and then I also deleted install.html, as it is only a very 
small html page which includes screenshots from an installation (of woody or 
sarge) from images/. 

The question is, where can I find the newdriftbook (for sarge) to put it in 
the package?

Then the only thing left there is the IKT-bok,  which is Copyright © 2002, 
2003 Vibeke Braaten, Christian Juell, Tor Harald Nordnes und Truls Teigen 
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under 
the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later 
version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant 
Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. 

But the IKT-bok is not translated into english, only versions in norwegian, 
german and dutch exist. 

I would suggest to move the IKT-bok to documentation/old - what do you think?

And then there is the directory $svn/src/debian-edu-doc/documentation/kurs 
which is something in norwegian again, but it has at least a proper copyright 
declaration, but also in norwegian, so I cannot say if it's the GFDL without 
invariant sections etc. (which can go into Debian main) or if its the DFSG 
nonfree variant. Can anybody please tell me?

I would suggest to move this kurs to documentation/norwegian - what do you 


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