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Re: Skolelinux presentation at Linux on enterprise 2007 Denmark

Søndag 06 mai 2007 13:14, skrev RalfGesellensetter:
> I like your slides - and would like to ask for an English abstract of
> pages 11-13.

Slide 11: 

* Pedagogic values

One learn to handle traffic in many different situations when taking a 
drivers license. It has nothing to do with driving driving teachers BMW 
as fast as possible. 

Slide 12: 

* Traffic in constant change

Pupils must know how to read road sign digital highway. 

Road signs on a language kids understand

Slide 13: 

* A foundation for the future 

Teaching with computers is about pupils sending drawings to school 
classes abroad, making music on the PC. It's about creativeness and  
learning, not about product learning in programs tailored for office 

Learning with computers before learning about computers. 

> Also, I am curious on the demonstrations that you gave according to
> slide #10: Film?

A mpeg4 version of this movie: 


Best regards 

Knut Yrvin

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