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newdriftbook... Re: debian-edu-doc package - let's bring the documentation in shape for etch!


On Sunday 06 May 2007 20:25, Holger Levsen wrote:
> The question is, where can I find the newdriftbook (for sarge) to put it in
> the package?

I just got the following info via the commits mailinglist :)

New Revision: 51939

So _there_ it is :)

Where is that svn/cvs repository located?

Do you also think it would make sense to start the etch version (or has that 
already been started?) in 

I propose this for two simple reasons: 

1. I think the debian-edu developers should have write access to it (and thats 
the svn repository on alioth), not the developers of the norwegian skolelinux 
website (if I understand the above mentioned commit message correctly, that's 
where it's located now.)

2. Once the package is there, it's trivial to install that package on a 
webserver, so the content can be served via the web.

Alternativly the debian/rules script of debian-edu-doc could also checkout the 
newdriftbook during build from the above mentioned repository, but I really 
think it should be located in the svn repository on alioth.

So if a etch version of the newdriftbook doesn't exist, I would say, let's 
start one "now"! :)


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