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Re: Notes on getting hotplug devices (USB sticks) to work in Debian Edu

[José L. Redrejo Rodríguez]
> Ok, I agree on that, but in LinEx our biggest numbers are around 1000
> workstation with 2000 users per network. They are still far away from
> your calulations, and are working fine since september. And, obviously,
> that's the worst case, most schools don't have more than 700 computers
> and 1000 users.. , so , do you have networks with such size  (2000
> machines & 50000 users)?,

The university where I work have 60000 users and 14000 computers. :)

> That's something I don't understand. Let's say user1 & user2 are in
> the plugdev group, using different machines. If user1 insert a DVD
> or an USB disk, he has full access to the DVD or disk, but user2
> only have read access to user1 hotplugged device. I don't see any
> problem with that behaviour ...

I do.  If I have private files on my USB stick, I do not want other
users to have read access to it.

The current system do not scale, and fail to keep personal files
private, and for these reasons I believe we must switch to a system
that work.

In addition, storing OS-specific group information in LDAP will make
the LDAP database hard or impossible to use across operating systems,
and that is also a problem for large installations.

> But I don't see how user2 can access to remote device on workstation
> of user1 with the current setup, unless it's shared using the
> network.

I believe he would just need to ssh into the machine, then send a dbus
event to umount and mount it, to get full access, would he not?  hal
do not know which of the users in the plugdev group should be allowed
to mount the device, and will grant all of them access.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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