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Notes on getting hotplug devices (USB sticks) to work in Debian Edu

I've spent some time today investigating the hotplug device problem,
and here are some notes.  I believe I have found a working solution,
but it need some more work.

In Debian/Etch, the local devices are accessed using hal over the
dbus, and it is supposed to take care of access control.  It is in the
default Debian installation tracking group membership in the plugdev
group to decide if a user get access to local devices or not.  This do
not scale.  First of all one do not want to give all users access to
all local devices on all machines.  Next, it is not possible to put
all users in that group and still get a responsive system.

The traditional solution has been to add a pam module to add a user to
groups within her login session, and thus grant access to only the
machine where she is logged in, and only for processes forked from the
login process.  This no longer work as the hal/dbus process isn't
aware of these added groups, as they are only visible for processes
forked from the user login process, and hal/dbus is started when the
machine boot.

The hal/dbus system have a concept called at_console (see
/etc/dbus-1/system.d/hal.conf), and those affected by that policy get
the access we want.  I've tracked this down to dbus checking
"/var/run/console/<username>", and if it exist the user is considered
at the console.

There is nothing in Debian today creating this file.  It is normally
done by the pam_console pam module available in redhat from the
pam-redhat package.  In Debian there is, however, the
libpam-foreground package creating /var/run/console/<username>:<console#>.

There is also a patch in the Ubuntu version of dbus extending the
check to also look for /var/run/console/<username>:*.  I suggest we
reuse this solution.  I've added pam-foreground to the task list, and
will add updated pam.d files to debian-edu-config.  I will next upload
a new version of dbus to the debian-edu repository, and hopefully this
will fix the problem.

Finally, we should get rid of the pam_group config granting group
membership during login, as it no longer make sense to use.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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