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Re: Notes on getting hotplug devices (USB sticks) to work in Debian Edu

El sáb, 05-05-2007 a las 12:18 +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen escribió:
> I've spent some time today investigating the hotplug device problem,
> and here are some notes.  I believe I have found a working solution,
> but it need some more work.
> In Debian/Etch, the local devices are accessed using hal over the
> dbus, and it is supposed to take care of access control.  It is in the
> default Debian installation tracking group membership in the plugdev
> group to decide if a user get access to local devices or not.  This do
> not scale.  First of all one do not want to give all users access to
> all local devices on all machines.  Next, it is not possible to put
> all users in that group and still get a responsive system.

I guess both reasons are refered only to systems using thin clients
systems. For networked workstations I don't see they apply, or do they?

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