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Re: 149 "TestSkoler" in School Database!

nigel barker wrote:

Finally, I invite you all to discuss alternatives for the
term "Testskoler". 'Testing' sounds too tentative to me.

How about "installations" or "implementing schools"?

Personally I like "References".

This spring I have been calling a lot of these schools to check
whether they are still using Skolelinux.  The bad thing is that
about 20-30 of them are not, but the (very) good thing is that
I think there may be around 100 Skolelinux schools that have not
registered.  My estimate is that the real number of schools in
Norway using Skolelinux is 180-200.

We should remove the schools that is not using Skolelinux anymore.
But more important is that we should call all the new schools and
ask if they will let us put their name in the database.


(By the way, "store" means big in Norwegian, not old).

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