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149 "TestSkoler" in School Database!

Dear Skolelinux users and developers,

it is really a pleasure to see the growing amount of schools that 
consider Skolelinux/Debian-Edu the best solution for their needs.

This should be motivating for developers and other contributors. 

Maybe we should award the 150th (or 200th) school registering - thus 
attracting further schools. Any ideas?

Some statistics:
cf. http://wiki.skolelinux.de/PilotSchulen

Out from nearly 150 schools having registered as "Testskoler", there are 
107 Norwegian and about 30 in German speaking countiers. There are 
further schools in France, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Mali, Eritrea, 
Ireland, Greece and Belgium. 

Finally, I invite you all to discuss alternatives for the 
term "Testskoler". 'Testing' sounds too tentative to me.


P.S.: Regarding spamming entries, I found that most of them 
contained "Store" in their names. I believe that the reason is 
that "store" (meaning old in Norwegian) occurs quite often in the 
database. PHP capable non-developers are welcome to improve the 
database at http://skolelinux.no/slschools/ 

P.P.S: Thanks to Petter and Debian-GIS, we have very nice maps under

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