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Remote control terminals via vnc

We have used LTSP4.1 until now. In that setup we could remote-control terminals via vnc. We used the setup on ltsp.org's wiki. This is excellent for aiding students and teachers. It behaves just like the "shadow" function on Citrix.

With the chroot ability in Skolelinux2.0, this must be possible to set up?

apt-get install vnc4server, or x11vnc perhaps? Set the vncpassword with 'vncpasswd' and remotely login to the terminal from the server with 'vncviewer <terminal-hostname-or-ip>.

I miss something, should this be setup in inetd.conf? I see that some pages on the net suggests setting the vnc module up in XF86Config-4.

We run kdm and not ldm. Can someone enlighten me on this subject?

Best Regards
Trond Maehlum

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