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Re: 149 "TestSkoler" in School Database!

Am Freitag 12 Mai 2006 06:23 schrieben Sie:
> nigel barker wrote:
> >>Finally, I invite you all to discuss alternatives for the
> >>term "Testskoler". 'Testing' sounds too tentative to me.
> >
> >How about "installations" or "implementing schools"?
> Personally I like "References".

How about "Reference Schools" ?
> This spring I have been calling a lot of these schools to check
> whether they are still using Skolelinux.  The bad thing is that
> about 20-30 of them are not, but the (very) good thing is that
> I think there may be around 100 Skolelinux schools that have not
> registered.  My estimate is that the real number of schools in
> Norway using Skolelinux is 180-200.

Any ideas how to get more schools into the database?
- award each 50th by public relations
- improve php interface 
- write qt/gtk gui for subsription plus popcon
- make subscription part of installation (optional)

> (By the way, "store" means big in Norwegian, not old).

Ah, thank you, must have mixed this up with Russian ;)


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