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Suggestion: Task Force Teams for PHP and other tasks.

Dear list,

only recently I started revising the list of test schools and deleting 
spam entries. It became clear, that some of the Web interfaces need a 
work over. Alas, my PHP/MySQL skills are not sufficient to fix things.

This made me think about creating a Wiki page like "TaskForceTeams" that 
allows people to join forces for special tasks. In the German wiki we 
have some good experience with forming regional teams in a similiar 
way. These Task Force Teams should have an easy entrance level and a 
do-o-cratic structure. If we set the scope of action to "Debian 
related" we hopefully "catch" some further developers who haven't 
contributed to Debian-Edu yet.

My idea is to open corresponding task force pages by skills. For 
- TaskForceTeams/Translation
- TaskForceTeams/PHP+MySQL
- TaskForceTeams/Perl

This makes it easy to recrute people for special tasks without 
distracting major developers from core task. Tasks to be done would be 
described at these wiki pages, and by querying additional mailinglists 
we'd attract further contributors.

What is your opinon? Should we rather use the BTS / Debian related 
system of requests? Please discuss ;)


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