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Re: Suggestion: Task Force Teams for PHP and other tasks.

Dear Steffen,


Am Montag 08 Mai 2006 18:51 schrieb Steffen Joeris:
> Well this is a little bit frustrating i am sorry, but i have to say
> it. We wrote a lot of documentation of how to join us and tried to
> divide the work into a team based structure and the teams are easy to
> join, but nobody was interested. So I can't understand your request.
> Have you read
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/2006/03/msg00128.html ?

sorry for missing your announcement from March. Your team page at
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Teams is really a good step towards 
more transparence and easier access for joining developers. I think you 
deserve some applause, here.

> Please expand the existing list and of course join the teams.

One thing I like especially about that page is that it is a wiki page - 
and hence dynamical. I agree that this page should grow up. Groups 
could create their own sub-pages to describe current tasks and 
celebrate milestones left behind. The wiki history itself could be 
advertisement enough for those groups to attract further Debian people.

Now, let's discuss what teams need to be special Debian-Edu teams - and 
which teams need not. If we locate special task teams on a more general 
level (Debian), you will have a higher amount of people addressed. 

Searching the Debian Wiki for teams, I already found some. Stuff like 
PHP issues or Driver questions might have a wider audience somewhere 

In this case I think it is good to hear further opinions - so please 
joiin in.


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