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Public Relations Meeting

Hi guys.
There's going to be a Caribean Meeting of Public Relations in my country and
I'm looking for some bibliography about this topic and the use of the
informatics tools, if they are related to Linux, it would be better. I think
that it is a a very good oportunity to promote Free Software among this
opinion's liders ;) but, I need the way!!!
There is a general trend to use and develop Free Software in my country, but
many times they're "reinventing the wheel", if in the meeting, the ones that
will participate with me could leave in them the idea of for example: "why
we need to work with experencied guys in this purpose like the ones from
Debian", I think that a great step could be done ;)
Thanks for your help and keep in touch ;)

Blast o_O

PD: ... piensa zombie, piensa... arráncate la cabeza y piensa... "THe

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