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Re: Nicholas Negroponte challenges: Give us lightweight Linux

Am Mittwoch, 5. April 2006 19:58 hub Conrad Newton in die Tasten:
| This is actually a big reason to support OpenDocument Format,
| because .odf will finally unify all the disparate Linux word
| processors.  Use .odf, and you can use any word processor
| you like -- maybe even Microsoft Office, within a year or two.
| The people who insist on sticking with .doc, just because OOo
| supports it, are doing the world of word-processing a disfavor.
| If we insist on .odf, even Microsoft will cave in.

Well, the pupils I know dont care about .odf, .doc, .abw or whatsoever. They 
just want to use the same Software at home and at school. Because they just 
want to work with applications and don't waste to much time in finding out 
how to use them.

And OOo gives a certain professonal impression to the parents. If they see the 
pupils using Abiword, they immediately have the impression: Free Software is 
just good enough for pupils, but for adults and professionals you have to use 
the MS Office thing.

I really would recommend to try to stick to OOo and get it less memory hungry. 
(For the Primary Schools it's different, but that's not the point here.)

The same is valid for me with the Firefox. You get a lot of support for the 
Firefox, all the nice little extensions which anybody can install for 
himself, without asking the teacher/admin... You can even write some XUL 
apps. And there are more and more pupils who know the Firefox from home. 

Well, that's my halfpence.

Stefan Padberg, Wuppertal

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