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Re: Nicholas Negroponte challenges: Give us lightweight Linux

>From Stefan Padberg on Wednesday, 2006-04-05 at 18:57:02 +0200:
> The problem with other desktop solutions than KDE or GNOME is: you
> cannot put icons on the desktop which is kind of standard since Windows95.

Not true.  It is true that you have to install additional software -- 
rox-filer, for example, but this additional software does not impose
much of a burden, either in terms of disk space or of memory usage.

> KOffice won't run on Windows machines, will it? Has anyone tried this
> with CygWin? The charme in using OOo is: the pupils can use it at home, too.


Abiword runs on Windows, gnumeric does in principle,
although I am not certain how much effort it takes
to get it running on Windows.


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