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Re: Nicholas Negroponte challenges: Give us lightweight Linux

>From Knut Yrvin on Wednesday, 2006-04-05 at 19:40:19 +0200:
> Onsdag 05 april 2006 18:57, skrev Stefan Padberg:
> > KOffice won't run on Windows machines, will it? Has anyone tried this
> > with CygWin? The charme in using OOo is: the pupils can use it at
> > home, too.
> Ah. 
> That's a big concern for some users. Could pupils use the software
> at school on their Windows-machine at home? We should probably answer
> yes to that, and promote platform independence. It's a lot of projects
> for end user applications that's really platform independent, but
> people often don't know.

This is actually a big reason to support OpenDocument Format,
because .odf will finally unify all the disparate Linux word
processors.  Use .odf, and you can use any word processor
you like -- maybe even Microsoft Office, within a year or two.

The people who insist on sticking with .doc, just because OOo
supports it, are doing the world of word-processing a disfavor.
If we insist on .odf, even Microsoft will cave in.


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