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Re: Nicholas Negroponte challenges: Give us lightweight Linux

Onsdag 05 april 2006 18:57, skrev Stefan Padberg:
> KOffice won't run on Windows machines, will it? Has anyone tried this
> with CygWin? The charme in using OOo is: the pupils can use it at
> home, too.


That's a big concern for some users. Could pupils use the software
at school on their Windows-machine at home? We should probably answer
yes to that, and promote platform independence. It's a lot of projects
for end user applications that's really platform independent, but
people often don't know.

But Nicholas Negroponte point out that they could produce a beefed up
Windows-version for the western world, where people has the money to
pay for more and get less. Then it's not difficult to put
OpenOffice.org and other "bloated" packages. For the developing world,
they really don't need to look that way. People have not any computer
at home.

Anyway. People are free to join in on this part for the
DebianEdu/Skolelinux-project, to get as small footprint as possible
with good enough software for educational use. Then OpenOffice.org is a 
part of the "problem" with use of much more memory than other 
applications. It also uses a lot of the harddrive when installing it on 
512 MB flash memory ...




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