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Re: user administration tool for Debian-Edu/Skolelinux

torsdag 23 mars 2006, 14:52, skrev Thierry STAUDER:
> The proposition of the group who is working is to obtain:
> - A tool very user friendly
> - A tool which can be used without root access
> - A tool which can be used in several environements, and at first abble to
> be used in Moodle.

First of all, thanks for taking this discussion to the developer list
Steffen and Thierry. I know that both Thierry and I love English
;-). In Erkelenz 

I was lucky to see the "the French solution" for user administration,
and some more. It looked really nice and user friendly. Whit even some
more simplified part for some groups of users, it could be the
solution everybody strives1 for.

The "new" solution could solve some of the issues with the current
Webmin LDAP User Simple (WLUS). The nice thing about "the French
solution" from a maintaining point of view, is that it has years in
production. So it's not a beta product but a production product. And
it has been developed with the users, with repetitive improvements
after user feedback.

Could somebody make available some screenshots?

On the technical side we have some "distro-centric" issues:

-- There is a deadline in getting the solution into Debian etch,
   Petter said at the status IRC-meeting a couple of days ago.

-- There is a problem that Webmin is not maintained in Debian in the
   etch version. WLUS is based on Webmin.

Then it's crucial  to find a solution to this. Should Skolelinux
maintain Webmin where we just use two "applications". The one is the
WLUS and the other is Netgroups (correct me if I'm wrong :).

On the feature side delegated password-handling with no root access
is a must.

-- Municipalities that have a centralised operation with Skolelinux
   installation on many schools really need a delegated "change the
   password" feature, with no root access. It's to much administration
   to send a "change password" request to the central ICT operator,
   and getting it back to the teacher who then informs the pupil that
   has forgot her password. 

   Without delegated password-handeling the municipalities uses three
   times more effort handelign pupils passwords than neccesary. With
   delegated password-handeling for the teachers, then this save a lot
   of time. It's really has to be easy. And we won't give the teachers 
   root access. 

   Finn-Arne has made this, I call it a mockup, and it seems to be
   nice: http://bzz.no/~finnarne/brukeradm/

-- Yes, the system admins also ask for a command line tools for
   handling users. 


Knut Yrvin

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