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Small Report of Dev WE in France 18-19/03 ? Work on user administration tool

In Erkelenz a group of developers wanted to work on a user administration tool.
This group is formed by: Christian Kuelker, Benjamin Sonntag, Thomas Courbeil,
Xavier Oswald, Jean Charles Siegel ? Sorry if I forgot somebody.

If you want to watch some pictures of this Week end :

The idea was to use the very good work made by Christian Kuelker with CiPux.
Cipux is a whole of very powerful Perl scripts which makes it possible to
manage LDAP.

You can find the results of the discussion in Erkelenz here:

CAT, the graphic interface of CiPux is a Webmin module. In front of the
difficulty in finding Webmin mainteneurs, it is necessary to seek a solution
for the future development.

The proposition is to add an interface for CiPux in the Intranet made by the
French team with Moodle. The solution adopted in Erkelenz is to create a RPC
engine which controls CiPux and which can interact with various interfaces:
? modules moodle
? CAT' in PHP
? Somethink in java
? ...

If you want to see the work made on the Intranet, you can have a look at

We can announce that the RPC engine is running. The source code of this work can
be found in the fr branch in the moodle ? ldap package.

At the beginning of the next month, two students will start to write the
interface for Moodle. We hope that this work will be ready for the Dev Camp.

This work is a first result from the collaboration started between the French
and German team and of course everybody must feel free to join this work even
if he?s not French or German ;)

Thanks for attention
French Debian-edu/Skolelinux team

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