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Re: user administration tool for Debian-Edu/Skolelinux (was Small Report of Dev WE in France 18-19/03 ? Work on user administration tool)

Hi All,

On Thu, Mar 23, 2006 at 02:52:48PM +0100, Thierry STAUDER wrote:
> 2006/3/23, Steffen Joeris <Steffen.Joeris@skolelinux.de>:
> > On Wednesday 22 March 2006 14:40, Thierry STAUDER wrote:
> > > In Erkelenz a group of developers wanted to work on a user
> > administration
> > > tool. This group is formed by: Christian Kuelker, Benjamin Sonntag,
> > Thomas
> > > Courbeil, Xavier Oswald, Jean Charles Siegel ? Sorry if I forgot
> > somebody.
> >
> > > If you want to watch some pictures of this Week end :
> > > http://photos.skolelinux.fr/WE_dev_mars_06/olivier/20060319/
> > It was a nice meeting and i felt that i was warmly welcome and i really
> > enjoy
> > to visit you all in france, thanks you :)

Thank you for your good summary!

> > > The idea was to use the very good work made by Christian Kuelker with
> > > CiPux. Cipux is a whole of very powerful Perl scripts which makes it
> > > possible to manage LDAP.
> > Well in general we need to discuss which way we want to go.
> > I think this will also be a topic for the next IRC meeting, but some
> > communication progress should be done here over the ML.

The communcation process in Erkelenz was public and was made public. But we 
can do it here again. 

> > We should think about:
> > Which way we want to go?
> > Which kind of tool we want to provide and for which purposes it should be
> > and
> > what we expect from it?
> > Who will permanently work on it?
> > In which way we will integrate something easily and keep it always up to
> > date?

So you found it.

> I think that everybody in the project, has to know about the work being done
> at the moment, and that every good idea or suggestions is welcomed. But, in
> the same time, I would disagree if we just forgot the discussions we had
> Erkelenz on this subject
> The proposition of the group who is working is to obtain:
> - A tool very user friendly
> - A tool which can be used without root access
> - A tool which can be used in several environements, and at first abble to
> be used in Moodle.

And some people like Steffen would like to have a command line interface.
CipUX has a command line interface (with root access).


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