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Re: About #974 (Set mode for /dev/dsp to 0666)

Am Sonntag, den 12 März hub C. Gatzemeier folgendes in die Tasten:

> Hi,
> kdm;*;*;Al0000-24000;cdrom,floppy,audio,users,dialout,video
>                   ^^^
> looks like you have a surplus zero in group-debian-edu.conf.
> Group dialout gives full access to serial ports, that might not be necessary 
> as a default. Even dip (dial ip (for pon/poff)), as I first had it in my bug 
> comment, is not be necessary in a skolelinux setting, I think.

The original reporter could not access the serial port with Jpilot so I 
think it does make sense :)

> plugdev might be somthig to consider, though. (pmount)
> I don't know about video (agpgart access). Is that save/necessary?

We use it at work.
I don't know exactly if it's needed in Debian-EDU

> Also, here, instead of having to put pam_group.so in all kde, login, gnome,... 
> etc. files it was globaly activated in /etc/pam.d/common-auth.

As far as I saw the common-* file aren't used by the Debian-EDU specific
pam.d/* files. But that's another topic.


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