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Re: GUI problems on server and thin client

Yassou Ilias, as there seems to be no replies at admin-discuss, I 
forward your message to the developers list now.


Am Donnerstag 09 März 2006 23:13 schrieb Οικονομάκος Ηλίας - Economakos 
> Hello from Greece.
> I install Skolelinux on a "power" PC (3GHz, 1GB ram, 80GB hdd, dvd,
> floppy, cd-writer, one nic 10/100) with options server and thin
> server. I connect to hub (10/100) a thin client (Pentium I I, 32MB
> ram, floppy, nic 10/100, cdrom) and the "power" PC. On thin client I
> change the BIOS parameters to boot from NIC. After boot the thin
> client not connected to server ("power" PC). From
> http://etherboot.anadex.de I make download the
> http://etherboot.anadex.de/eb_on_hd.ima and extract to a floppy disk
> (dd if=eb_on_hd.ima of=/dev/fd0).
> I change the parameters on BIOS to boot from floppy. After boot from
> floppy the thin client connect to server and I take the login screen.
> Until now I
> think I am ok. 


> But I have 3 problems: 
> 1st) The server does not start KDE or other GUI. Only command line.
> The command startx gives too much errors.
>         How I have KDE or other GUI on server? Which commands?

Which errors are shown? What (graphic) devices are built in?

> 2nd) How I start the webmin in command line in case I do not have
> GUI? 

unset http_ptoxy and use lynx/links as browser: tjener:10000

> 3rd) On thin client the login screen is "moving" and the frame 
> of login-password appears 3 times.
>         I think the thin client needs to change some values to
> "regulate" the graphic card and screen. How to do this?

lts.conf and maybe even /etc/X11/xorg.conf (rather not).
> Best Regards,
> Elias

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