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Re: Simplifying skolelinux.org as a showcase

> If it is not possible to implement the design and content in a
> moinmoin-wiki, you mean that we will have to have a
> skolelinux.org-website in addition to Debian's Wiki [1]?

I really want to have the right design, and the right usability
covered, so that Halvor, my self and others easily can contribute
news, and some new documents. They should also be allowed to change
all the content. This is not possible today worth the fine-grained
authorisations in Plone

In my view it's not convenient to do fine grained authorisation and
accessibility. Give people full access, and then kick them out if they
don't behave. The "drift" people did this with one of the developers
who changed the developers server. He upgraded packages from testing,
and broke some services. The developer that lost his root privileges,
continued to do his thing with fakechroot, and no problem occurred
after that :-).

> I think we shall keep the number of web technologies to a minimum and
> stick to moinmoin-wiki's and static html-pages.

I agrees on that it could be more work maintaining a showcase web
with a Content Management System (CMS) as Plone or eZ-publish. And if it's 
possible we should go for moinmoin. 

But the most important point here is that the presentation web should be 
easy for non developers to add news, and some simple showcase-documents. If 
moinmoin does that, and can handle the design, both in Norwegian and 
English, then it's ok for me. I'm more sceptic to static pages directly in 
the version system. That's not user friendly for non-developers.

The system developer way is to first make a mockup with the users,
and then talk technology which solves the functionality that is in the
requirement list. We don't choose technology first. So now somebody has to 
show us that the technology preferred gives us the same design and 
functionallity that is expected from the mockup, and non-developers can use 
the showcase-web entering news etc. (with full access for changes).


Knut Yrvin

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