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Re: backport for ooo2

Lørdag 26. november 2005 23:56, skrev Rene Engelhard:

> It's *not* his build; see Alexanders comment. *I* did the backport
> and I find it really bad that he just mirrored them somewhere without
> even telling those debs are not from him, whithout giving credit and
> with implying (we see the effect in your post) that those are his.

Tank you for doing this job, and making us aware that the job is done
by you, don't Steffen Joeris.

> Anyway: apt-get install myspell-{nn,nb}. Already in sarge.
> No backports needed for them.

My question is still valid, and I will explain why. Something has to
be done to the word-lists because:

1. Gaute has done improvements on the word-list because he have fixed
   the lists from errors when dividing word. In Norwegian we often
   connects two or three words together. It's language rules when
   dividing long words that could span over two lines. This
   improvement has to be committed to the right source, and it has
   been difficulties to get our work on the word list directly into
   the OpenOffice source.

2. The openoffice.org-l10n-nb package don't contains help-text, or
   mandatory myspell-dictionary-nb package. We have to take that into
   consideration when doing the language choosing in debian-installer,
   and when upgrading, or installing from scratch. This is an big
   issue for the 250+ schools using Skolelinux in Norway.

> > are freely available. Pavel Jan??k is currently building the beta
> > (not very debianised) for different architectures and platforms.
> LOL, that's a joke. He doesn't do Linux/sparc, Linux/ppc etc. And
> well, beta is history...

3. We have worked with translating OpenOffice cince 2001. We use
   Pavels beta-builds to check our newest translations, and the
   quality of our technical work when upstreaming our translations to
   OpenOffice.org. This gives us a really good oportunity to check for
   concestenscy and other language issues on a weekly basis.


You have an other goal with your build. To make a stable version
through the Debian release system. We also commits directly to the
OpenOffice, and have more and other issues to resolve. One issue is
support for more than one platform (Windows, Mac, FreeBSD, Debian
...). An other is to improve the quality to the spell-checker. The
third thing is to improve and make the deployment easier. 

> > You should contact Gaute to get some help to include the Norwegian
> > word-lists.
> That's irrelevant for Debian/Skolelinux. They are already packaged.
> Since ages.

In my world people have different needs for different purposes. We
have done some improvements in the word-lists. I believe that should
be interesting for you? As I have explained in point 1-3, the issues
I'm concerned about, and this is relevant for our users.

> > OpenOffice 2 is still a bit rough. It crashes to often. OpenOffice
> > 1.3-1.5 is much more stable.
> Those versions don't exist. Not to mention that OpenOffice doesn't
> exist either.

You probably meant to say that 1.1.3-1.1.5 and 2.0 is the correct
version numbers, And that people should use term OpenOffice.org
instead of OpenOffice. Well I don't do that, as you already know. 

- Knut Yrvin
Project manager (cel: +47 908 95 765) Skolelinux Norway. 
Office 1: SLX Debian Labs Forskningsparken, Gaustadalle 21, 0349 OSLO,
NORWAY.  Office 2: IT-Staff Akershus County Council, Schweigaards gate
4, 0185 OSLO, NORWAY.

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