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Re: backport for ooo2

On Sunday 27 November 2005 02:36, Knut Yrvin wrote:
> Lørdag 26. november 2005 23:56, skrev Rene Engelhard:
> > It's *not* his build; see Alexanders comment. *I* did the backport
> > and I find it really bad that he just mirrored them somewhere without
> > even telling those debs are not from him, whithout giving credit and
> > with implying (we see the effect in your post) that those are his.
> Tank you for doing this job, and making us aware that the job is done
> by you, don't Steffen Joeris.

As I said I got them from others and of course it was not my job I always take 
the official packages from Rene and Chris.
If there was a misunderstanding please take my apology.
Why I started this thread was because of a discussion in Oslo during the last 
developer gathering. There we discussed the possible use of ooo2 and I said 
that I will ask for these backports and when I get them I will upload them to 
my webspace.
I hope now it is clearer why I wrote the mail and offered the backports there.


P.S. The question was if we want to include them in the next release and now I 
think we don't want to do this or am i wrong?

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