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Re: SLX Event @ Stralsund - just 500 km south of Haldern/NO


i am an organiser of the "Linuxtag Stralsund".
It would be a pleasure for us to have more international guests.
We also have a shuttle service, so that you can directly be brought from 
fairy / train station to the event.
For a better coordinating of the event and the shuttleservice it would be nice 
if you register to the Linuxtag. 
Please have a look at http://www.sund-xplosion.de/Linuxtag and click "Zur 
Anmeldung", there you will find the form.
This registration is optional and not necessary.
If you need more information about Stralsund and the isle Ruegen write an 
email to me with your question and i will answer as soon as possible.
For the swedish people, there is a swedish translation of the website of 
stralsund: http://www.stralsundtourismus.de/schwedisch/tourism/start.htm

best regards
Michael Steinfurth

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