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SLX Event @ Stralsund - just 500 km south of Haldern/NO

Dear list,

Friday Dec 9 till Sunday Dec 11, there will be a Skolelinux event at 


officially, it is called "SundXplosion LinuxTag", but at the same time 
it will be the monthly meeting of Skolelinux.de

Stralsund is near to Rostock, just at the Baltic sea where Ruegen island 
is. From Bielefeld (where I live) the distance is exactly 500 km. Thus, 
it is half way to Norway: Haldern - Stralsund is 540 km.

Hence, I could imagine, that there might be people from Norway who plan 
to join us there. Alas, I believe, that people of Stralsund rather 
speak Swedish that English (bias?).


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