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Re: Next skolelinux developer gathering, Nov/Dec '05

On Tue, Nov 15, 2005 at 03:20:13PM +0100, Jakob Breivik Grimstveit wrote:

> The following dates have been suggested for now: 25-27 Nov, 2-4 Dec or
> possibly (but this might be too close to Christmas for some of you?) 9-11
> Dec. What seems like the best solution for you? Please give us your opinion.
> Today.


> Please give us an indication of when you would be able to attend so we can
> fix the dates as quickly as possible. Thanks in advance.

We will have to decide which weekend the gathering will be arranged
very soon now (tonight), so if someone haven't registered yet: please
do so now! :)

And remember what Jakob said in the previous mail:

> Further to this, to control the costs associated with the developer
> gathering, we now require all participants who want reimbursements
> to send an application to styret@friprogramvareiskolen.no *prior* to
> the gathering. No approval from the board means no money back to
> you, so make sure this is in order. We have a zero tolerance policy
> here :-).

Happy hacking! :)

- Werner

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