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Re: SLX Event @ Stralsund - just 500 km south of Haldern/NO

Am Montag 21 November 2005 20:48 schrieb RalfGesellensetter:
> Stralsund is near to Rostock, just at the Baltic sea where Ruegen
> island is. From Bielefeld (where I live) the distance is exactly 500
> km. Thus, it is half way to Norway: Haldern - Stralsund is 540 km.

>Dear people from Scandinavia,

>these informations come from Jim O. and might be usefull for some of 

> Stralsund is home of:
> http://www.volkswerft.de/
> The ferry from Sweden to Sassnitz is about EURO 12 one way and leaves
> about every 4 hours. 
> http://www.faehrhafen-sassnitz.de
> http://www.scandlines.de/de/passage/preise/preise.htm
> There is a bus from Gøteborg to Trelleborg frequently. Price about SEK
> 55,- 

More additions:

More about Stralsund:

www.norwegian.no has flights from Oslo to Berlin and Warszawa

Ryanair has daily flights from London to Berlin and  Szczecin.

www.safflebussen.se  drives from Oslo to Malmø and Rostock-Berlin
Trains from Rostock to Stralsund are frequent and last 45-75 minutes.
Price without Bahnkarte EURO 11.50

For those opting for an embedded Christmas shopping spree in Warszawa and/or Berlin
there is www.bahn.de and www.pkp.pl
For those romantic oldtimers who would like to take the ferry from Ystad  to Swinoujscie 
I would like to mention that  there is a local train (30 minutes walk to the German border with Taxfree shopping possible along the road in daytime)
from Ahlbeck Grenze.
Motorcars and motorbikes are not allowed at this crossing.
Only pedestrians and bicycles.
The journey is rather relaxed with swift connections via Neubrandenburg towards Stralsund
on never Diesel driven Trains. Price is about EURO 16.- without Bahncarte :-)
Journey takes about 2 hours 30 minutes.

http://www.polferries.pl has the connection from Ystad to Swinoujscie.

There is a 10-15 minutes walk between busterminals in Malmø.
Beware! - Sixpacks of Swedish unopened beercans lost on the pavement has been observed frequently in the rain at night.
You would be well advised to choose Czech, Danish or German beer.
Swedish Ladies lugging their EU quota of 300 liters of beer and 10-20 liters Wodka Gorbachowa are better left alone. 
They really really don't need your help.
They are much stronger than you might think and often ill tempered.

For those choosing to travel by car I would like to mention the shopping at Bergen auf Rügen. 
It is well adapted to Swedish/Norwegian needs.
Please observe the rather limited German opening hours.

For those traveling via Rostock there is Saturn  www.saturn.de
with  MICROSOFT XBOX 360 Coresystem  at EURO 299,-
Linux anyone?

I have not yet received a reply for my approved travel itinerary from Normannenstrasse.
I will post it here once received. :-)

Jim Oksvold

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