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Well where can i start. Please excuse my short mail, but i am really tired 
now ;)

The last week I was on the OpenConference at the university in Heerlen and on 
the Linux World Expo in Frankfurt.
In Heerlen I had a talk about Skolelinux. There I also talked to the project 
leader of SchoolTool and he told me that they are looking for some schools to 
test SchoolTool. Maybe there is an opportunity to cooperate with Debian-Edu, 
but i wanted to post it here.
The other interesting point at the OpenConference (except the conference 
itself ;) ) was which i call destiny ;)

I met again a kde-developer who is developing an administration tool which can 
also be useful for skolelinux.
It is a kde solution which (as he explained to me) just solves all our 
problems. I will be in contact with him (his name is sebastian ... (sorry it 
is too late now, i promise that i will write an other thread with more 
information about that).
From tuesday till thursday i was on the LWE (i also met bdale there, ... :) )
and maybe i could integrate some new users into skolelinux and get some new 
contributors to the project, ... well we'll see.
So far this is all what I can write down now, I would blog it but i have to 
wait till planet.skolelinux. ... is activated ;)

And think about coming to Erkelenz next year (January).
There already was an invitation look at it and for more information look at:

and write a mail to a nice girl called Katharina (she is coordinator for this 
gathering) and tell here that you guys will come ;)
(You will find her email adress on the wiki-site which is listed above)

Have a nice start into the weekend.


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