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Re: Want to help out with debian-edu?

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On 18-07-2005 15:18, Georges Khaznadar wrote:
> Juan Rafael Fernández García a écrit :
>>El sáb, 16-07-2005 a las 14:14 +0200, Jonas Smedegaard escribió:
>>>>>deb http://debian.ofset.org/dists sarge main
>>>>Which means the repository is "apt-getable"
>>>Great for hacking, yes.
>>>For production use it is risky

> - Jonas, maybe we are already in relation by the web of trust. Please
>   check the GPG signature of the present message.

I am not online now (at an Internet café in Finland after debconf, but
they won't allow me to plug in my own machine and wireless doesn't work
for me yet :-( ), so can't verify our ties in the web of trust now.

Also, my point was not (directly) security, but the _quality_ of
packaging and ability to "blend in" seemlessly with another distro.

I do not have the time and interest in adopting a larger amount of
packages, and refuse to sign ready-made packages of others[0], but I
would be happy to work with you on group-maintaining the packages: Get
yourself an account at alioth.debian.org and post me a signed email with
your login name (assuming we are related in the web of trust). we can
then work together through Subversion on the packaging, and I can do the
actual releases to Debian. If in fact you are doing all the clever work
on the packaging then that is off course reflected in the changelogs of
the resulting official Debian packages, and must (IMHO) be taken into
account when applying for Debian membership.


 - Jonas

[0] I believe the current logic of "package sponsoring" to be broken:
The "Maintainer" field of a package indicates who is ultimately
responsible for the packaging for Debian - signing packages not built by
Debian developers distorts this. If sceptical and interested then tell
me (without arguing at first), and I will dig up some references to
older discussions on the topic...

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