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Re: Want to help out with debian-edu?

Juan Rafael Fernández García a écrit :
> El sáb, 16-07-2005 a las 14:14 +0200, Jonas Smedegaard escribió:
> > > > deb http://debian.ofset.org/dists sarge main
> > > Which means the repository is "apt-getable"
> > Great for hacking, yes.
> > 
> > For production use it is risky
> True. As the author of most of the packages, Georges Khaznadar, seems to
> be on holiday, I'm explain a little bit the state of the repository.
> First I can't answer the sponsoring part of the question.

Hello Juan Rafael,
I've had no contact with the web during one week (with hard deprival
syndrom :)

I talked with Raphael Hertzog who had advocated for the creation of
debian-edu, when we met at LSM2005 (http://rencontresmondiales.org)
Of course we agree upon the risks attached to every binary package, and
upon the necessity to share good practices and trust before working
together. So let us talk about risks.

- Jonas, maybe we are already in relation by the web of trust. Please
  check the GPG signature of the present message.
- I began to apply for the Debian New Member program two years ago.
  However I was busy at this time with packaging Wims, which is far from
  being an easy task. I was urged by the necessity to output an
  acceptable package for the release 1.4 of Freeduc-CD. As I am a
  full-time teacher, my mentor and me decided to give up with the NMA,
  and reinit the application later when I have more time left.
- if the packages available at debian.ofset.org are considered as risky,
  so can be considered also the 20,000 iso images of Freeduc-CD directly
  downloaded each year from the mirrors of sourceforge (project ofset).

> I agree the packages are experimental, not for a final user to install
> (though I use some of them myself). They worked when they were created,
> most of them for Freeduc 1.4, based on Woody. Some have problems today
> (the abuledu group has some problem with a library missing, for example,
> and the woody version is preferable; another story is wims: it's the
> upstream executable that is incompatible with maxima and delivers its
> own chrooted copy of the software it uses internally, which makes
> creating a correct package quite difficult...)... so better contact us.
> Of course some packages have been included in Debian (drgeo, gcompris).

Juan Rafael, I agree with you about the difficulties attached to
packaging Wims. I already asked for some help about it on Debian lists,
but this package does not seem to be attractive for skilled developers 
involved in Debian educational packages. If it is worth talking about
it, we may discuss it in another thread.

> Which brings forward the need of cooperation between Debian-edu and
> OFSET, several times stated on this list by Hilaire Fernandes. 

I agree, we often talked about feeding back our work into common
repositories, so we must go further and do it.

> --
> Juan Rafael Fernandez, of OFSET.

Best regards,			Georges.

Georges KHAZNADAR et Jocelyne FOURNIER
22 rue des mouettes, 59240 Dunkerque France.
Téléphone +33 (0)3 28 29 17 70

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