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Re: Want to help out with debian-edu?

El sáb, 16-07-2005 a las 14:14 +0200, Jonas Smedegaard escribió:

> > > deb http://debian.ofset.org/dists sarge main

> > Which means the repository is "apt-getable"

> Great for hacking, yes.
> For production use it is risky

True. As the author of most of the packages, Georges Khaznadar, seems to
be on holiday, I'm explain a little bit the state of the repository.
First I can't answer the sponsoring part of the question.

I agree the packages are experimental, not for a final user to install
(though I use some of them myself). They worked when they were created,
most of them for Freeduc 1.4, based on Woody. Some have problems today
(the abuledu group has some problem with a library missing, for example,
and the woody version is preferable; another story is wims: it's the
upstream executable that is incompatible with maxima and delivers its
own chrooted copy of the software it uses internally, which makes
creating a correct package quite difficult...)... so better contact us.
Of course some packages have been included in Debian (drgeo, gcompris).

Which brings forward the need of cooperation between Debian-edu and
OFSET, several times stated on this list by Hilaire Fernandes. 

Juan Rafael Fernandez, of OFSET.

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